Highway 20
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The music will take you from the dervish of the hustle to leave Ireland during the POTATO FAMINE to the lonely song of a spouse left at home waiting for the other TO COME HOME TO the other to the dancing guitars of a tune to WAKE UP LISA - Doug's Daughter - and more

Product Description

Highway 20 - Is a conversation between three people who were getting to know each other before they took a road trip together from Ontario to B.C. then to Slovakia for Dobrofest. It is clear from the recording that Doug Cox, Beth Bartley and Mark Clifford were looking into the possible harmony and dissonance they could mischievously get up to. All three composers are represented here as well as Thelonius Monk/Emerson with a quirky twisted version of 'Well You Needn't.' Beth sang the lead in the closet. Recorded on Hwy 20 between Fonthill and the bridge over the old Canal in the Niagara Region - this CD is still a favourite of Vox Violins in time and memory, people and places.

Album Tracks

1 Potato Famine 2:53 $0.99
2 Sometime 5:05 $0.99
3 Hwy 20 2:50 $0.99
4 To Come Home To 4:42 $0.99
5 My Father 2:04 $0.99
6 Wake Up Lisa 4:29 $0.99
7 Sister 4:15 $0.99
8 Valtz Frontenac 3:24 $0.99
9 Dragon Tango 3:44 $0.99
11 Should Be Subtle 1:45 $0.99
12 The Many Selves 3:23 $0.99
13 On A Wing 1:30 $0.99

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